Hey! There are plenty of ways you can be a super Sidestreeters supporter.

There’s a Patreon page where you can get access to behind the scenes sneek-peeks, and from as little as a buck a month you can help me chat to more people without appearing as empoverished as we all know us podcasters generally are. I’ve made a video there and a bit of a “why am I doing this?” so its worth a look too!

You can subscribe to this podcast for free – Yes-aroo, free I say! – via any of the podcasty subscription places, like iTunes and Soundcloud. Links are here:

Then you can be awesome and shout about the podcast in the streets – tell your mates to subscribe and play the episodes really loud in your car so they will be super keen to check out every episode!

And speaking of free… feel free to send me suggestions, friendly (or at least not real mean) feedback, and suggestions for people, places and adventures a little bit different from the mainstream who I can interview no matter where they are in the world.

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