003 Seani Love – Sex Worker

What a treat to record this episode of my podcast in my bed! The opportunity was just ripe for the picking when I…

001 Cigar Box Guitars

These cool cats introduced me to Cigar Box Guitars - handmade instruments with a rich history and awesome sound.…


Sydney Anarchist Fair

Jura Books hosted the Sydney Anarchist Fair and it was a great chance to chat with some of Australia's most active…

SCA and NAS Art of Protest

SCA and NAS are vital yet vulnerable schools focusing on studio-based art practice. There was a heartfelt response…

Hot Rods and RocknRoll Cars

Awesomely cool vintage cars and motorbikes park just near the RocknRoll Markets. From Triumphs to Thunderbirds, I…

Glebe Street Fair 2016

The Glebe Street Fair is Australia's longest street fair, stretching for almost a kilometre. Glebe is an inner city…

Edwina Wrobel’s Art Stories

Edwina Wrobel is a wonderfully charismatic artist, where every painting has a personal connection. I chat with…



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