Black Arts Market Features Aboriginal Artists

I stumbled upon this fabulous market when I was visiting Carriageworks, and really loved the diversity and creativity of the artisans. It was held in the main foyer, with the sunlight lighting up the the stalls and the visitors seemed to really love talking to the artists face-to-face. I guess that’s the real pleasure of markets rather than most shops and galleries – you get to discover the person who has actually created the work. From their site “Curated by Hetti Perkins and Jonathan Jones, the Black Arts Market will showcase the cultural heritage of South-Eastern Aboriginal Australia. The market place provides a unique opportunity to engage with artists and acquire new works.”

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Where and When

Where: Carriageworks 245 Wilson St Eveleigh NSW Australia
When: Annually. I visited on the 12th November, 2016.
Who: Around 100 artists from South-Eastern Aboriginal Australia
Cost: Free