I love discovering other people’s stories – their never-ending passion to create, their drive to tour the back country with their band,  people doing things differently with courage, the event which lets a community’s spirit shine, and so many more stories from the side streets…

Sidestreeters is all about adventures… heading down the side streets to discover people, places, bands, independent businesses, artists, musicians, adventures, events, imaginers and even more. Sidestreeters has evolved into a podcast with video and photo teasers.

Why the name Sidestreeters?

I keep meeting so many people who have such amazing lives and talents and I want the world to know about them. Instead of walking down the ‘main street’ (the tv channels, newspapers, review sites, art prizes that focus on the same people and places) I love to explore the ‘side streets’ to discover the adventurers doing cool things yet not getting the same attention. There are a few ‘big names’ thrown into the mix, and I aim for viewers to look beyond those big name videos to be introduced to many others who are just as awesome!

How often and how long?

I aim to create a few episodes a month. These can run anywhere from 5 minutes to 50 minutes, with supporting video clips around 2-3 mins. Some interviews may be a series if there is just too much awesomeness to squish into one.

Know some cool cats on the side streets or have a question? Just send us a message.